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Monday, August 27, 2018

After Hours with the Brewdog Network

Our friends from OHHAP talked in us to joining them on their trip to Columbus, Ohio for Brewdog's Annual General Mayhem party/business meeting. This is an annual gathering of Brewdog's shareholders or, "Equity Punks." In short, we're glad we said, "yes."

Take a look at our social media posts from the weekend. It's safe to say that we had a great time. From the beer to the fantastic facilities to the great live music. Despite all of that, our favorite part is the people that we met and the relationships that were forged. Throughout our craft beer journey the people involved have always been the cornerstone of what makes the craft beer industry great.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give you that behind the scenes listen on what goes on when you sit down at a table full of strangers with some great beer and talk about your passion. We fortunate enough to be joined by, James Watt (50% of the Brew Dogs), Jared and Chris from Redtail media, Kevin and Kelsey from OHHAP, and Brewdog 's US CEO Tanisha Robinson.

Because we wanted to give you the full and authentic experience this episode has been almost entirely un-edited. This means that there are some swear words and Adam is permitted some vulgar references pertaining to his love of Titanic and James.

Please go to the Brewdog Network and download the app to start your free 7-day trial. After that, it's only $4.99 a month if you like what you see.

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